Play audio and video files with VLC for Android

With over 50 million downloads from Google Play

Includes X86, ARMV7, and ARMV8 processors 

VLC is a powerful player that we already saw for Windows, and for some time, the Android version of this player is also available under the name VLC for Android for Android phones so users can play audio and Play and play your video on your mobile phone.

VLC for Android v3.0.3 Download VLC Powerful Player

Features of the Android WLAN Player

  • Supports all audio and video formats: KV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC. All and …
  • Possibility to rotate film at different angles
  • Supports opening different subtitles
  • Has movie speed settings
  • Has movie brightness settings
  • Includes various widgets for home screen and lock screen
  • Supports various headset controls
  • Supports decoding hardware with just one click
  • Read the contents of your USB memory
  • Full network access
  • Has the ability to change or delete the contents of the USB

VLC for Android lets you play audio and video files on mobile phones. This software supports most audio and video formats and is able to execute various audio and video files of high quality.

The VLC for Android application gives users the ability to rotate the video while playing videos, and you can view videos at different angles.The WLC program also provides support for subtitles for users to view the subtitles you have with the movies you have. The VLC for Android app has dedicated widgets that you can use on your phone’s home screen and have quick access to the file being played.