The latest VNC VNC Viewer version of Android

Android version client + PC version + Tutorial use and launch software

Have you ever thought of controlling your personal computer from anywhere in the world, of course, and of course with an internet connection by your Android device? We must say VNC Viewer software, introduced in this post from website, introduces the latest version, is one of the best and oldest software in the field by which you can connect your Android phone to your PC and Control your computer from the Internet everywhere in the world.

With this software you can run applications, change settings and access information. It also supports a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or UNIX.


atributies :

  •    Communicate with the computer so that you feel in front of it!
  •   Connect to PC with different users
  • Easy navigation, scrolling and standard touch
  • Connected using 256-bit encryption AES technology
  •   Advanced Authentication System
  •   Supports all phones and tablets with different resolutions

Use Tutorial:

  1. After installing the Android client on your Android phone, unzip the pc client file and install it on your Windows computer and apply it to the full version with Keygen software.
  2. Both Android and Windows phones are connected to the Internet. Enter the ip client client for Android.
  3. The username and password are exactly the name of the Windows password and password (for software use, your Windows password must be correct)