The latest version of VoiceOver Record and Do More

Various applications allow you to make changes to audio files. Some of these apps are suitable for those who use their Android phone to record their own voice and want to match it with songs.

The VoiceOver Record and Do More application is a very useful tool for recording and making changes to the voice. Due to the benefit of most of the Android phones, they have also been converted into high-quality microphones. With this program, you can record your own sound in plain and high quality. But this is just the beginning. After recording your work, the program starts with the program and you can use it to make your own custom changes to the sound. You can use various effects on it, cut it out or mix it with a song.

VoiceOver Record and Do More Download the voice recording and make changes

VoiceOver Record and Do More features

  • An attractive tool
  • Ability to record audio
  • Ability to record audio in the background
  • Leave effect on sound
  • Cut the parts of the recorded file
  • Very simple and functional user interface
  • Storage in Wav, AAC and MP3 formats
  • Adjustable audio equalizer
  • Ability to adjust echo
  • Possibility to raise or lower the sound
  • Speed ​​up or down
  • Ability to add music to your voice
  • Change the ultimate song tags
  • And other facilities

As stated above, VoiceOver Record and Do More allows you to easily record and work on your own voice. You can use the effects on it and give it an echo. Also, with access to the equalizer settings, you will be able to edit different gangs. It’s also possible to add music to your recorded voice and synchronize it, and you can customize the final tag tags as well.