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VSCO Cam v4.0.3 Full Version Apk Download Now !

The newest version of the full effects VSCO Cam Android

This version of the software for the first time among all Iranian sites with all the effects of monetary

With specific training on top of Android software is introduced.

Install effects need to be routed

Version has been released without having to root for VIP users

Many requests from users of the site for this rare version of software

We emphasize this for the full version with all the effects of monetary and is

No doubt most of us are interested in mobile photography. This interest is two-fold familiar with the application of effects and edit our photos.

VSCO CAM is one of the best, most efficient and the most popular apps for effects and make changes on the photos that long before coming to Android, iOS fan was on. Many famous people and artists, edit your photos with VSCO CAM Myknnd.kar with the program is very simple and pleasant and enjoyable. It is very modern and minimalist environment effects Bsyarkhassh default, all of the most famous in the world Hstnd.vly VSCO CAM is not only an editor and effects of the photos.


Features :

  • Having a fantastic defaults
  • Tnzbmat possible to change the defaults
  • Having advanced image editing tools
  • To compare the image before and after editing page using long Azlms
  • Ability to purchase additional defaults from Site Builder
  • Ability to manage and organize pictures
  • View images taken information (location registration, history and settings used)
  • Easy sharing images on social networks

Installation Method:

Two versions of this program have been published.

Version 4.0.3 requires root that is installed in the following way:

  1. Install the program.
  2. Xrays folder by the program’s effects Download and Root Explorer /data/data/com.vsco.cam/files/xrays/ put on the track.
  3. Run the application.

Using the software:

  1. To select the desired image and edit it slides right LIBRARY option to choose from.
  2. + Tap on the desired photos to choose from. After selection, the photo is added to the LIBRARY program.
  3. Tap on your photo and select its icon in the shape of the wrench and select the paintbrush.
  4. Now you can at the bottom of effects along with the effects of monetary default application for full view.
  5. To save the images, too, that the triangle mark on the bottom of the page, tap, and then select the check mark.
  6. LIBRARY will come back again, as before, by selecting the photo that appears at the bottom several options here, you can delete your photos, save, edit, or bookmark.
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