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WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v4.6.0 Apk is Available !

WatchMaker Premium Watch Face Android Watch

With the WatchMaker app, you can create an hour that lets you display the calendar, battery level, and weather conditions. You can use built-in watches for use on smartwatches or even put these clocks on your smartphone’s screen. There are more than a thousand hours ago in this app, which you can use. Of course, as you said, there’s also the option to build a dedicated clock.



  • Animated animations: The ability to use animated animations in clock design is possible for users
  • 3D Gyroscope : Allows you to create amazing and amazing effects.
  • Interactive Clocks: Build hotspots for loading clock or mobile app
  • Animations: Have different animations with over 45 different applications
  • Calendar: You choose which calendar you want to use
  • Weather display / Moon icon: You can add whatever you want with just one touch.
  • Countdown: Add to count the remaining days to your birthday or Christmas Eve …
  • Text Effects: Add glow effects, outline, and flat shadow effects
  • Widget: Add battery status widgets and manage wifi with one touch of them
  • Free Clocks: Having a Beautiful Thing Over 1000 Thousand Hours
  • Compass: Have a compass to display the main directions
  • Cronometry: Why design an hour, when can you have a stopwatch?
  • Multiple time points: Support up to 3 different locations
  • Heart rate counting for fitness

These days, the talk of smartwatches is very hot and there are a lot of news on this issue that are published on various news sites.These watches have come into the world of apps, and there are plenty of apps in the short term that lets you customize these smartwatches.

One of these apps is WatchMaker Premium Watch Face, which lets you design beautiful watches for digital and analogue watches and use them on smartwatches. You can change your smartwatch model every day (to display the clock) and use a new design. Of course, it’s not mandatory to use watches made with WatchMaker Premium Watch Face, because you can use watches made on Android phones.

Other Features:

  • Very low battery consumption
  • Added 8 new hours per week
  • Smart Wrist Watch support
  • Displays weather information
  • Ability to build analog and digital watches
  • Ability to resize the built-in clock
  • Receive information through the sensor of all handsets

Supported models in this app:

– Motorola 360
– LG G Watch
– LG G Watch R
– Samsung Gear Live
– Sony Smartwatch 3
– ASUS ZenWatch

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