Waze’s GPS and Wizard Locator

Download Waze Wizard – GPS Maps and Traffic lets you locate and travel to the places you want. With this software, you will be able to easily navigate the paths you want while driving. Wiz is a global navigation system that uses the Tran-BareTrain navigation system. The software was created by Israeli Wizz startup and purchased Google Wiz for $ 1.03 billion.

Waze GPS Navigation v4.35.0.19 Download Wizard

Android Wizard Routing Features

  • Showing live directions while driving
  • Notify drivers when approaching police cameras, speed control cameras, traffic lights and …
  • Audio Routing for Driving
  • Live maps from around the world
  • Routing automatically with route change
  • Determine approximate time to reach destination
  • Find the path by choosing the origin and destination
  • Find the cheapest gas station
  • Add information manually in local places
  • Add Facebook friends and sync contacts
  • Warning others about the police and the camera
  • Displays crashes and traffic

Download wiz

Waze – GPS Maps and Traffic is a great way to find directions in the driving times you are driving. With this software you can find the routes you want. Just specify the origin and destination you want to see and be the fastest way to reach it. Having an audio spokeswoman for reading paths is another feature of the app, which does not require looking at the phone’s screen to see your route. Other features of the Android app include the ability to find out where the speed control cameras are and the location of the traffic lights.