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WeChat v6.5.10 Apk is Available !

Popular and powerful Messenger WeChat WeChat

The possibility of making voice and video calls 
With over 500 million downloads from Google Play 
Windows version

WeChat is one of the best and, at the same time, the easiest to offer for mobile phones. Of course, this messenger is not currently available in Iran. Messenger WeChat also has a version of the cache (Windows).



  • Delivered completely free
  • Make free voice and video calls
  • Chat options up to 500 people
  • Send video, photo, text and audio
  • There are thousands of awesome and free sticks
  • Share the best moments with photo stream
  • Meet and meet new friends with Shake
  • Fun and awesome games
  • Inform others of your location
  • Supports 20 different languages

Those who used WeChat a few years ago would undoubtedly remember that Weatch was considered the only Messenger among Iranian users, and all users were using the same Messenger only to communicate, but precisely Since Weatch was disturbed, other messengers were able to show off their own, and it was then that they began to develop Messenger such as Viber, Line, Tango and more. (Of course, we are by no means denying the high power of the above mentioned messengers; but we all know well that in Iran, when Messenger Wechet was used, people did not go to another messenger, exactly the same as the current one for Messenger Telegram It has come to the end that users have used Messenger Telegram and do not think about using another Messenger.)

One of the most obvious features in Messenger WeChat is the ability to chat face-to-face. Chatting in an awesome environment was perhaps one of the things that took users at the time and made Messenger “Weatch” known as a member without any denying Android phones and even iOS operating systems. During the chat, you can upload various files, such as photos, videos, videos, and more at a very fast rate. Voice and video calls feature features that were not included in the original version of the Messenger and have been added to the new version. Extremely high clarity in voice and video calls is one of the things that can make you use WeChat Messenger to make your voice and video calls. The existence of thousands of stylish stickers makes it easy for you to chat with them and send these stickers to express feelings or many of your goals. In Wichet, you can create a group with a custom name and then invite your friends to it. Groups made in Weatch can accommodate up to 500 different users. In groups, anything you send is seen by all members of that group.

One of the most exciting features weighing in WeChat Messenger Messenger is the ability to shake up to find nearby people. With this feature, you can shake your phone to find and locate people who use Wichet and are nearby, and can chat with them.

WeChat Messenger has just been released in a special version of Dextop (you can get it directly from the manufacturer’s website at www.wechat.com). In this way, you can also install a copy of Wacht with your mobile number on the computer, which requires activating the code received on the phone from within your computer or laptop. You can get this powerful Messenger directly from the site.

The download link for this program has been removed at the request of the Task Force to determine the instances of criminal content.

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