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Wi-Fi Talkie v3.0.1 Apk is Available !

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Chat + Chat + File Transfer via Wireless Without Internet in this Unique App!

Wi-Fi Talkie is an incredibly interesting and incredible software that lets you send text messages or voice calls with two Android phones and wirelessly without the smallest need for a SIM card or internet connection to the wired distance and the distance that the wireless device responds to. !


Features :

  • Voice communication between any desired device
  • File transfer speed of 3 MB / s
  • Chat and personal SMS
  • Use Wi-Fi Hotspot to communicate with other devices
  • Similar function of Walkie Talkie

The software function is very simple and the software is tested and has no problem function. However, a brief guide to using the software is provided in the following article. You can download and download the software by going to the resume. Also read the guide. Software Usage Guide:

Main Device: First, in the Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings section, specify the network name and connection password (Security on the WPA2 PSK) then enable it.

Second device: Turn on the other device’s Wi-Fi to find the built-in network, here you will be asked for the code to enter the same code you have defined and get it.

Download file

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