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WiFi Manager Premium v3. FREE APK DOWNLOAD


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  • Redesign of the program (version 3.0): Modern icons and change the list by dragging the radar screen
  • Ability to set a specific icon for different networks. Do not forget what a network is never XYZ1234!
  • Using Widgets switching network with one touch, your network of choice or switch between your favorite channels. This gadget also if you need Wi-Fi to turn off or turn out.
  • The “best network” for switching networks that may be useful around the house or office you there! (The default is off. Enable in settings)
  • Automatic switching between fixed and dynamic IP DHCP addresses (Android Settings are able to do 2)

Some features available in the paid version of the software:

  • Advanced Settings Network (description, icon and address IP)
  • One-Tap the widget and the widget suite for Android 4.0

The rest of the necessary software is completely free are:

  • Widgets network information with a detailed view (with 4 sizes and 2 free themes)
  • Scanning and connecting to networks
  • Show list of networks
  • Radar indicates the network signal strength

Notes about this program:

  1. All settings synced Google account, processed and stored and then restarts, pressing or buying a new phone can be activated again.
  2. The program of Proxy Server version 2.5 IP address on the network is also supported in the free version.
  3. A related widget for off Bluetooth as well. It at the bottom part (Related) find.

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What’s New
Widget layout fixes for Android 2. *.

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