Control the mouse and keyboard with the WiFi Mouse

Control using wifi 
With a special edition of Windows

WiFi Mouse is a software utility for controlling the mouse and keyboard of a computer through the phone. With this software, you can control your computer’s mouse and keyboard remotely.

WiFi Mouse

WiFi Mouse Pro features 

  • Clicking with the left or right click and even the middle button
  • Keyboard input and remote keyboard usage
  • Text-to-speech conversions for all languages
  • Use the keyboard and mouse in full screen
  • Use the volume +/-, Home / eng, PgUp / PgWn keys
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac

Maybe it’s time for you to control your keyboard or mouse remotely. This time, we have prepared a WiFi Mouse app that lets you control the mouse and keyboard remotely. This application will use a WiFi connection for this task.

With this program, you can control the mouse like the left and right clicks, as well as the middle mouse button slider. Shortcuts are also available for correct access to some sections.

Use Tutorial:

First, disable all your Windows firewalls, then install the Android client on your phone and Windows client on your Windows laptop. Now connect the phone and laptop (or computer) to a wired Internet connection, and you’ll find your computer with the Conect option in your Android client and mouse.