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WiFi Warden (WPS Connect) v1.8.9.2 Apk is Available !

WIFI Wifi Analyzer with Additional Features of WiFi Warden (WPS Connect)

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Wi-Fi Warden (WPS Connect) is a Wi-Fi analysis with additional and stunning features developed by the company Ramtin Ardeshiri. With this program, you can see the frequency, channel, modem manufacturer, encryption, security, distance to the router, power, name and address of the Mac at the wireless access points around you, as well as information about the devices connected to the network. Get your own and manage. 

WiFi Warden


  • Ability to analyze Wi-Fi like channels, distance to the router, router manufacturer and …
  • Connectivity using strong password 
  • Ability to recover password by rooting the phone
  • Has the ability to display devices connected to your network
  • Possibility to connect to the WPS Default Generator Pin to at least 15 pins
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Free and compact program
  • Compatible with all types of phones

The WiFi Warden app (WPS Connect) is designed for Android smartphones. As you know, a major security defect in December 2011 showed that wireless routers with a WPS PIN feature negatively impact data, and ultimately this defect allows a remote attacker to log in to retrieve the WPS PIN and retrieve information. Slowly But this flaw has now been fixed and you can increase the security of your router with this secure application . Other features of this software include: generating strong passwords , viewing stored and restoring wifi passwords , displaying devices connected to your network and so on. The simple and user-friendly interface is another feature of this app.

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