Note: This app is not intended to hack and unauthorized access to other wifi networks and does not have this feature, and only displays networks shared by their owners, such as restaurants, hotels, and more.

wiMAN Free WiFi Unlocker is the name of the software for managing wifi and allows you to save costs, so that this software will allow you to connect to the WiFi network at the best and near distance You are located, get connected. With wiMAN Free WiFi Unlocker, you can simply connect to WiFi networks.


  • The ability to identify various Wi-Fi networks that can detect more than 9 million different Wi-Fi networks
  • The ability to decrypt wifi networks that have a password with the ability to share them with friends
  • Connect to the WiFi network to save your money. You can also experience unlimited speeds by connecting to the Wi-Fi network
  • Ability to identify and find Wi-Fi anywhere!

The wiMAN Free WiFi Unlocker software also lets you share the Wi-Fi networks you connect with other people so they can connect as you would with it. This software also has the ability to decode wifi networks. When you open the program, networks that are not password-protected and passwords are displayed individually.