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Wink Camera – Makeup v1.3 Apk

Download software, camera flashes Wink Camera - Makeup v1.3 Android

Wink Camera – Makeup application on the Android operating system is image editor that allows you to edit your image in different styles. In this simple application all the tools you need to edit a placed image that you can use them in time of need. With this program you can capture stunning images with visual special effects, or photos in your gallery as photographic professionals with creativity and intelligence to edit them. With this application you can see photos taken with a smartphone simply edit to fix defects and become a professional photographer. In designing this program is most useful tools needed by normal users who just need to correct the mistakes of the pictures are good and want to change the image of God do to increase their Jzabyn be placed. If you are a good software to meet more needs to edit images with good volume and a simple interface you can program a good offer for you.

The main features of the software Wink Camera – Makeup:

– Increase the quality of the photos automatically with a single blow

– Effects gorgeous and attractive frames

Label (sticker) fun

Color Balance

Crop, rotate and straighten your photo

Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation

Set the sharp and blur images

Color temperature (“heat”)

Splash color

– Adjust the focus (slope) Photos

– Drawings and add text to photos

Create your memes

Cosmetic tools: fix red-eye, remove blemishes, wrinkles and whiten teeth

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