A fun and competitive World Chef

With the perfect graphics and fancy and colorful designs 
Challenging Managerial Style 
Spanish Socialpoint studio product

The World Chef is the Spanish Social Studio’s Spanish Social Studios, the first official release of which was released in early 2016 for Android and iOS platforms. The game quickly became one of the most popular mobile games in a short time and has been able to capture up to 10 million downloads in less than 3 months in just Google Play. Join us with the features of this beautiful game.


atributies :

  • Beautiful and colorful designs with perfect graphics
  • Fluffy and entertaining gameplay
  • Stylist with challenging and challenging elements
  • Role as an international chef
  • Professional restaurant professionalization in different sections
  • The ability to buy fresh food to cook a variety of international cuisine
  • Various customers from all over the world
  • Compete with culinary chefs

Introducing World Chef

The World Chef is a simple yet very entertaining yet challenging game that will delight you in your competition. First of all, we must say that the game is in the style of management games, and its main features are built according to this style. This style of games has its own fans. To do this, games that combine the style of strategic games and time management, you need to be a skilled player and able to handle different parts as quickly as possible. Otherwise you will surely have a problem.

In the World Chef or World Chef, you are engaged in an international cuisine in an equipped restaurant. Your task is to fully manage this restaurant and its crew. To do this, you need to have all the restaurants that need a restaurant to turn them into an international restaurant with the help of them. For example, you should use fresh foods that you can buy from a food retailer. Or you can help attract more customers by personalizing the interior of the restaurant and decorating different parts.

Gameplay features

One of the main parts of your work is the management of the crew, cooks and more. You should give chefs an order list as quickly as possible and use the waiter to play orders. One of the most important points of the World Chef game is to cook and cook international cuisine. To do this, you should use special chefs for different foods. Having two or more chefs simultaneously and sending different orders will challenge your work in the correct management.

At the beginning of the game, there is an educational section that shows you the way you work. At each stage you can expand your restaurant using different elements. To do this, you need money and money and privileges will vary according to your customers’ satisfaction. The World Chef is available online.