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X-Plore File Manager is one of the best and most powerful file management applications on Android phones, which lets you control all files in the internal memory card and memory sticks of the phone.



  • Access to Root, FTP, Picasa and …
  • View files and folders as tree graphs
  • Display hidden and system files and folders
  • Display images and texts through the program
  • View details of file information
  • Edit file details (such as Hidden, Read-only)
  • Delete and rename files
  • Create and edit text files
  • Create new folders
  • Select multiple files or folders simultaneously
  • Copy or move files and folders
  • Send file via Bluetooth
  • Open Zip, Rar, Jar Files
  •   Compress Zip format
  • View Word files
  • View hardware phone specs
  • Updating the new version via the program (requires an internet connection)
  • View and edit Hex
  • Search among files inside the phone
  • Sharing files through high speed wifi
  • Playing audio files
  •   View the circular menu with a long touch on files and folders for easy access to program features

X-plore File Manager application:

The X-Plore File Manager File Manager is one of the best and most complete software for managing files inside the phone, which provides users with a wide range of features. This program lets you view files and folders inside the phone as a tree, which you can access quickly. The search feature among the files inside the phone is also included in the X-Plore File Manager application, which you can easily access the file you want.

This software also allows users to send files via WiFi, which allows you to share files inside the phone at very high speed via WiFi. The ability to support compressed files in various formats is also another feature of the X-Plore File Manager program, which allows you to extract compressed files from your computer or create compressed files on your mobile device. .