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Xperia ™ keyboard v8.1.A.0.12 Apk is Available !

Sony Xperia Keyboard keyboard app

With over 50 million downloads from Google Play!

This software is crafted and can be installed on all other Android brands

If you are tired of your default phone keypad and are looking for a great keyboard with great design, we recommend that you never miss the Xperia Keyboard keyboard.



  • Supports most languages ​​in different countries
  • Work is very simple and simple
  • Get used quickly to the type of words on the keyboard
  • Having awesome emoticons to send when typing
  • Sweet Persian Language Support

The keyboards of the Xperia smartphone (Sony) are one of the oldest handset for Android phones, and it’s also one of the easiest keyboards available, with great features and great typing capabilities for users. They were comfortable. Perhaps many people would be interested in using a keyboard on their smartphone on the Xperia smartphone. For this category of users, we have made the Xperia Keyboard app that lets you simulate the Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone keyboard for Android. This program will allow you to have a keyboard similar to the keyboard of the handsets of the Xperia on any Android phone or tablet.

Xperia Keyboard software supports non-Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages ​​from all languages ​​of the world. Working with this keyboard is very simple and comfortable, and the beautiful emoticons placed in it will allow you to send your favorite emoticon to someone else when chatting.

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