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Xposed Installer v3.1.1 87 Apk is Available !

Akspvzd Framework Xposed Installer app installed on Android 4.1 and 5.0 and 6.0

Android capabilities with the application program
Need root!
Full version without ads

Update: Release Framework Version 87

Xposed Installer A Framework for Android phones that allows you to make changes to the ROM and the program provides. The software also allows you to transfer specific features custom ROMs, using the Xposed Installer is possible. There’s also nicely recovery operation.

To return to the previous settings, simply disable the module and restart your device once you return to your original system.

In other words, by Xposed can be powerful tools in Android such as lacquered Pachter module which, when activated in the Xposed use it a few times, or program Greenify Xposed need is for full activity.


The software also has many other benefits that are offered to the user to install it.

How to install the original version:

  1. APK file to install.
  2. Suitable Framework with your Android version and type of processor, memory copy.
  3. Via phone recovery, file framework to check and install flash.
  4. Then sign in and Akspvzd enabled.

How to install the version material:

  1. APK file to install.
  2. Connect to the Internet.
  3. Install option from within the app choose to install Framework.
  4. After installation, restart your phone and the app are fully installed and activated.

Versions for Samsung:

If Samsung phones you use to install the version for Samsung Akspvzd. Framework released for Samsung phones is different from the link is available for download. The installation file is shared Xposed installer for all versions.

The installation procedure Akspvzd n900 models with Android 5.0 on the Galaxy Note 3:

Akpsvzd only two ways to install on the phone you! If you have Android 4.4.2 for Android version 4 to install and use, but if you have no way to install Android 5.0 ROM on Samsung’s official Tachvyz Akspvzd there and the only way is to use custom ROMs. Personal experience and best custom ROM for Galaxy Note 3 ROM DILSHAD ROM v8.0 NOTE 7 UX is.

After installing this ROM Akspvzd version is installed on the phone through file recovery.

important points:

  1. It is a system application and according to the author in some cases may boot the phone into trouble over eat, so use this app at your own risk.
  2. According to our experience, this program easily on Android 5.0+ is activated and Samsung 5.0 can be installed only in the official ROM and boot the phone into trouble there. So if you want to install it on Android 5.0 on Samsung phones have only to install custom ROMs is capable of Xposed.
  3. Samsung to use special versions.
  4. Xposed Uninstaller to remove the program can use.

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