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Zombie Reaper 3 v1.5 Apk is Available !

Zombie Reaper 3 a fascinating horror game

With addictive gameplay and new
Ability to play offline
Zombie Reaper 3 is a game of action is very attractive with unique gameplay. This is a game for absolutely free in Google Play for downloading spread by the design and spread 8Square Games Game Studios. This horror game to this point been able to get 4.3 out of 5 rating and nearly 1 million downloads have. Offline games and will need internet access to run.
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Features :

  • The ability to destroy the zombies with a ride on different machines
  • Ability to save humanity by destroying zombies
  • Ability to eliminate the zombies in the role of a backup force
  • Design realistic weapons
  • It has realistic graphics for HD
  • Simulated sound and beautiful

About the game Zombie Reaper 3

An important task in the game Zombie Reaper 3 You do that by holding various weapons must fight to save the lives of thousands of other zombies go. You’re in the role of a soldier the whole city and the country in chaos that can outrun the others in killing zombies. Certainly the whole range of zombies in front of you will be more difficult because each of the features that have zombies during the game and you will notice it. If you are from users who like the favorite zombie horror games and we suggest you do not miss this game. Realistic graphics of the game will ensure that your mental attitude about double play that beauty is capable simulation environment.

You can kill zombies with different regions of human beings to live free again in the role of a hero to the complete disappearance of zombies can play to proceed. The use of sound effects in game sound, in turn, is beautiful and exemplary

Zombie Reaper 3-3

Zombie Reaper 3-2

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